• Presorting Services
  • Personalized Match Mailings
  • Folding, Tabbing, Mail Inserting
  • NCOA (National change of address)
  • CASS Certification
  • Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM)
  • Access to our personal USPS Permit #
  • Tracking Mailings and Packages

Direct Mail​

"One of the greatest advantages of Direct Mail is that it offers countless formats-- from cost-effective to highly dimensional. As a result, it gives you amazingly diverse ways to attract attention, increase sales, and build customer relationships."

United States Postal Service

Midwest Business Services are experts in bulk mailing. 

We pride ourselves on making your mailing experience convenient and stress-free. Our main goal is to maximize your postal savings by using the latest software and creativity to find ways to save you money.  

We provide  direct communication so you can follow your project every step of the way. Our team uses practiced quality control methods and  guarantee quick turn-around times to ensure successful mailing campaigns. Finding the right solution is sometimes difficult, call today with any questions! Our mail services include:

With rules and regulations always changing, MBS is committed to ensuring your mailing or project is completed following the most up-to-date USPS guidelines.  The USPS will soon require all jobs to be completed full-service, which maximizes postal savings, provides in-depth tracking on all pieces and makes the mailing process run smoothly-- it is also required to be submitted electronically.  

You are able to use our USPS Permit Number for 1st Class, Standard Class, Every Door Direct and Non-Profit mailings. With Every Door Direct, you can discover potential customers by selecting routes close to your business, or areas you wish to reach out to. Rates start as low as 16 cents! 

And, if you want to add that extra personal touch, try out our new hand-written addressing service! This drastically increases the chances of your mailing being opened and improves your results. You can also use presorted stamps to give a more exclusive feel.